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MORE Feedback

In this latest burst of activity mostly around my dad’s website, I’ve heard back from the two bars he used to frequent and they are both willing to post flyers and maybe include a link to my site, received an email reply from a man who mentioned my dad in a post to the Jaco Pastoruis forum, called two of my oldest childhood friends who I have not been in contact with for several years (who appear to be blowing me off) and their dad (with whom I had a lovely short chat), my aunt’s husband Alan, who thinks a book about Dad might be a good first step in sharing his story. Plus I caught up with Aunt Gwen, who has really been my chatting buddy lately, and gave me a lot of encouraging words while we talked. We’ve done a little research on a new digital camera, and it’s looking like between $200 and $350 dollars. (On the lower end if I simply replace my camera, on the higher end if I upgrade to higher pixel count, some video capability, etc.)

I learned about yet another site The Remembering Site for recording personal memories, a pay but not-for-profit site with a lifetime fee of $25 for help with and storage of your story and 100 photographs to help you tell it, make it private or public and publish it for an additional (though very reasonable cost) as you wish. I guess I will put that on my wishlist for Christmas. I don’t know how many of these kinds of sites there are yet, and I suspect the number is growing, but I liked the way this one was presented.

I think for my next post it would be good to begin to discuss what I use technology wise and why. I feel so badly for friends and acquaintances who invest in equipment only to find they have no idea how to use it, or that they can’t get it to work with their computer, etc. Not everyone has a husband like mine, comparing computers, peripherals, cameras, software, etc. to give the best buying advice, and while my experience won’t apply to everyone, it might help a few people.


August 29, 2006 - Posted by | Archiving & Preservation, Ken Gwyn, Technology and Software

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  1. Thanks for putting this together. Kenny was a great person and is still missed much.

    Comment by Dan | November 4, 2009

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